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Arborist Near Livonia, MI

Are you concerned about the health and safety of the trees on your property?

Hiring a professional arborist is the best way to ensure your trees thrive for years to come.

As fully certified and insured arborists, our team of tree trimmers has the expertise to provide complete care for all species of trees in Livonia and the surrounding areas.

We perform tree pruning, disease treatment, storm damage repair, tree removal when necessary, and more to enhance the beauty and function of your landscape.

With proper arborist care from our specialists, you can expect a number of benefits for your trees:

  • Healthier trees that are less susceptible to disease and damage
  • Improved structural integrity and aesthetics through strategic pruning
  • Safer trees that pose less risk of falling limbs or the entire tree falling
  • Guidance for proper planting, fertilization, and other care needs
  • Higher property value and curb appeal from a well-maintained landscape

We would be honored to put our decades of arboriculture knowledge and experience to work enhancing your trees. Read on to learn more about our comprehensive arborist services.

Process We Follow for Our Arborist

To provide individualized tree care for each customer, we follow this detailed process:

Initial Tree Evaluation

  • Careful inspection of all trees on your property – We assess tree health, structure, safety risks, and needs.
  • Testing for disease, insect infestations, nutrient deficiencies, etc.
  • Identifying tree species, age, and condition.
  • Checking for hazards like dead limbs, cracked branches, etc.
  • Evaluating the site and environment around each tree.
  • Determining which trees require immediate priority care.

Customized Care Plan

  • Detailed report on the status of your trees.
  • Recommendations for pruning, insect/disease treatments, removals (if necessary), and other services.
  • Itemized actions to take for improving tree health and appearance.
  • Explanations for our recommended approach so you understand why certain techniques are needed.
  • Multiple appointment scheduler for ongoing care of your trees over time.

Tree Pruning and Structural Care

  • Precision pruning to remove dead, diseased, crossing, and problematic branches.
  • Thinning to increase sunlight and air movement through the canopy.
  • Crown cleaning to clear clutter and improve aesthetics.
  • Crown balancing to maintain proper weight distribution.
  • Hazard reductions like lowering extended limbs and removing hangers.
  • Raising canopies over walkways, signs, and street lights when needed.
  • Cabling, bracing, guying to reinforce weak areas and prevent failure.

Plant Health Care

  • Pest and disease treatments like injections and spray applications when needed.
  • Deep root feeding and soil amendments.
  • Selective use of nutrients, biostimulants, and mycorrhizae.
  • Monitoring for moisture stress and watering assistance during droughts.
  • Aeration and mulching for improved root zone habitat.
  • Lightning protection systems to defend against strikes.

Storm Damage Response

  • Swift pruning of broken branches.
  • Cabling and bracing of split trunks or limbs.
  • Careful uprighting of downed trees.
  • Completion of dangerous hangers left by storms.
  • Reduction of end-weight on over-extended branches.
  • Removals when trees cannot be saved or pose an immediate risk.

TREE Planting and Transplanting

  • Species selection suited for your site.
  • Preparation of proper planting holes and beds.
  • Root and crown protection during transfers.
  • Staking, watering, and mulching at planting.
  • Early structural pruning for future form development.
  • Monitoring and aftercare during establishment.

Tree Removal When Necessary

  • Safe rigging and dismantling techniques.
  • Separating usable logs for milling when requested.
  • Stump grinding or removal with root cutting.
  • Clearing and cleanup of all debris.
  • Recommendations for canopy replacement.

By following this comprehensive process, we can fulfill all the arboriculture needs of your landscape. Our goal is always to maximize tree health, safety, longevity, and beauty on your property.

Cost of an Arborist in Livonia, MI

The cost of arborist services depends on the extent of work needed for your trees, accessibility, tree size/species, and other factors. Here are some average price ranges you can expect:

  • Standard Tree Inspection: $150 – $250
  • Tree Pruning (Small Tree, Simple Work): $200 – $800
  • Tree Pruning (Large Tree, Complex Work ): $800 – $2000
  • Emergency Tree Removal (Small Tree): $400 – $1000
  • Crane Assisted Tree Removal (Large Tree): $2000 – $5000
  • Stump Grinding: $100 – $250 per stamp
  • Deep Root Fertilization: $150 – $300 per tree
  • Insect/Disease Treatments: $200 – $600 per tree
  • Cabling/Bracing: $300+ per tree
  • Tree Planting: $300 – $1000+

As full-service arborists, we also provide package plans and maintenance agreements to cover all your trees’ ongoing needs while saving costs.

Your arborist will determine the exact pricing after inspecting your trees and property landscape. There are no hidden fees, and we will walk you through a detailed quote for your approval before starting work.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Livonia, Michigan

Great Reasons to Choose Us

Quality Services

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists and tree care professionals use industry best practices and advanced techniques to ensure safe, high-quality services.

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. You can have peace of mind knowing we’re professionals.


We work around your schedule to find a convenient time to provide tree service. Whether weekday or weekend, we’ll make it work for you.

Free Consultations

We provide free estimates and consultations. This allows us to assess your trees’ needs and provide upfront pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We won’t be satisfied until you are.

Affordable Pricing

Our fair pricing structure ensures you get professional service at a competitive rate. Quality tree care doesn’t have to break the bank.

FAQs About Arborist in Livonia, Michigan

What types of services do arborists provide?

Arborists provide all types of tree care including pruning, insect and disease treatment, fertilization, cabling, bracing, storm damage response, planting, removals, and more. A professional arborist can address any health, safety, or aesthetic issues your trees may have.

When should I hire an arborist?

You should hire an arborist if your trees need pruning, have signs of disease, are too close to your home have been damaged by storms.

Or pose any other safety hazards that you cannot address on your own. Arborists can also improve the appearance of your landscape through strategic pruning techniques.

How often should an arborist service my trees?

Most trees require pruning every 1-3 years to remove dead branches, ensure proper structure, and improve their health over time.

Beyond pruning, you should have an arborist evaluate your trees anytime there are changes to their condition so additional care can be provided as needed.

Can an arborist help save a dying tree?

If a tree is declining but still partly alive, an arborist may be able to revive it through pruning out dead sections, pest control, fertilization, cabling, and other treatments.

However, if the tree is mostly dead it is best to have it removed by an arborist before it becomes a safety hazard.

When does a tree need to be removed?

Tree removal is required when the tree is dead, decaying, or poses an unacceptable safety risk that cannot be corrected through pruning and other arborist work. Your arborist can advise if removal is necessary after thoroughly evaluating the tree’s condition.

How can I avoid tree damage during construction or excavation work?

Consult with your arborist before any construction or digging near existing trees. They can assess root areas, create a protection plan, and guide workers to prevent injury to your valuable trees.

Does homeowners insurance cover tree damage?

Standard homeowners insurance policies often cover tree damage to your home or structures caused by wind, snow, ice, etc. However, policies vary greatly so check with your insurer about your specific coverage.

Should I fertilize my trees?

Your arborist will determine if fertilization is needed after inspecting your trees. Fertilizing at the wrong time or in excess can damage trees. An arborist will use a slow-release fertilizer specifically formulated for your tree’s needs.

What qualifications should an arborist have?

At a minimum, arborists should be ISA Certified with additional qualifications like CTSP or BCMA demonstrating advanced expertise. Look for membership in industry organizations and check reviews online before hiring.

How can arborists safely remove large trees?

Arborists use specialized techniques like rigging, cranes, aerial lifts, climbing gear, and skilled rope work to safely lower large tree sections. Taking the tree down in pieces minimizes the risk of property damage.

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