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Emergency Tree Pruning Near Livonia, MI

Storm damage and disease can threaten the health and stability of trees at any time.

When branches or limbs become damaged, broken, or infested by pests, emergency pruning is often required to mitigate hazards and prevent further spread of disease.

As a full-service tree care company, Tree Service offers emergency pruning to home and business owners in Livonia, Michigan, and surrounding areas.

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists have the expertise to correctly diagnose tree issues and perform precision pruning techniques to remove broken, hanging, and diseased limbs.

We utilize professional equipment to access high branches and strategic cutting methods to encourage wound closure.

Emergency pruning restores tree structure, eliminates safety risks from damaged branches, controls disease, and gives the tree its best chance at survival.

In emergency scenarios, our arborists are available for same-day response. We understand the unpredictability of natural disasters and tree-related emergencies.

By initiating pruning quickly after damage occurs, we can help secure loose branches and mitigate safety issues from hanging limbs or leaning trees.

Prevent further pest infestation, and reduce trauma to the tree. Our goal is to protect people, property, and the long-term health of your trees.

Tree Service is locally owned and operated with over 15 years of experience providing honest, ethical, and reliable tree care throughout Livonia and Southeast Michigan.

We handle all aspects of emergency tree pruning – diagnosis, trimming, branch removal, equipment, clean up, and stump grinding. For urgent pruning needs, contact us online today.

Process We Follow for Emergency Tree Pruning

When facing an emergency scenario involving your trees, you can rely on Tree Service to respond promptly and follow proven procedures for safe, responsible pruning practices designed to protect the health and natural form of your trees.

Inspection and Diagnosis

Our ISA Certified Arborists will perform ground and aerial inspections of the tree to assess and diagnose current issues. We determine which branches are damaged, broken, diseased, or pose immediate threats to people or property below.

The arborist identifies hazards needing priority removal versus limbs suitable for retention and strategic pruning cuts which encourage wound closure over time. Proper diagnosis guides our trimming plan to optimize tree health.

Safety Preparation

Before ascending trees or operating equipment, our team reviews all safety protocols. This includes traffic and pedestrian control using cones, barricades, or vehicles to define a safe work zone.

We evaluate terrain, ground conditions, access routes, and potential hazards around the site. Proper personal protective equipment like safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, and steel-toe boots are required.

Pruning and Removal

Based on inspection findings and trimming priorities, our arborists utilize professional rigging equipment and cutting techniques to remove compromised branches while retaining healthy limbs essential for energy production.

All pruning conforms to ANSI A300 Standards with the tree’s structure, health, and natural form guiding our methods. Debris is carefully lowered using rope and equipment designed for controlled removal with minimal damage to the surrounding landscape.

Clean Up and Completion

Upon finishing pruning, our team cleans the area by chipping smaller branches on-site, stacking logs for optional removal, and sweeping up all remaining debris like leaves, twigs, and sawdust.

We grind surface stumps flush with the existing grade unless complete extraction is desired. Before departing, we walk the site with you to address final questions or concerns about recommended tree care moving forward. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

When emergency storm damage or disease impacts the safety and health of your landscape trees, choose Tree Service for urgent, responsible, and reliable pruning services.

We have the skills, equipment and experience to quickly diagnose issues and strategically remove compromised limbs for optimized tree structure and vitality.

Cost of Emergency Tree Pruning in Livonia, MI

The cost of emergency tree pruning can vary significantly depending on several factors – tree size, height and accessibility, amount of damage, complexity of branch removal, equipment needs, and volume of debris.

As a locally owned and operated company, Tree Service provides fair, competitive pricing tailored to the unique requirements of each job.

For basic trimming of smaller hanging or broken branches under 30 feet tall, pricing often ranges from $250 – $800 per tree.

Larger trees requiring vertical rigging equipment, complex branch removal, and extensive clean-up generally range from $800 – $2500 depending on all factors involved. In rare cases with severe storm destruction, costs may exceed these estimates.

We offer customized quotes based on your specific trees, damage, and site. Discounts for multiple trees may apply. We accept all major credit cards, and checks and offer financing options.

Tree Service is committed to providing urgent, responsible pruning with transparent, affordable rates.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Livonia, Michigan

Great Reasons to Choose Us

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Our team of ISA Certified Arborists and tree care professionals use industry best practices and advanced techniques to ensure safe, high-quality services.

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We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. You can have peace of mind knowing we’re professionals.


We work around your schedule to find a convenient time to provide tree service. Whether weekday or weekend, we’ll make it work for you.

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We provide free estimates and consultations. This allows us to assess your trees’ needs and provide upfront pricing.

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Our fair pricing structure ensures you get professional service at a competitive rate. Quality tree care doesn’t have to break the bank.

FAQs About Emergency Tree Pruning in Livonia, Michigan

Why Do I Need Emergency Pruning?

Storms, winds, pests, disease, and other factors can compromise tree limbs with little warning. Removing broken and hanging branches mitigates safety issues for people, buildings, power lines, and property below. It also controls the spread of insects and infection to healthy parts of the tree.

How Quickly Do You Respond?

Tree Service makes emergency pruning our top priority. We strive to inspect trees and initiate appropriate trimming within 24 hours of your call. Faster response times may be possible based on current demand. Let us know right away if you have any branches or trees requiring urgent attention.

Is it Better to Remove the Entire Tree?

Not necessarily. Our arborists evaluate overall tree health and safety risks first. Often times proper pruning to remove only the most severely damaged limbs allows for tree retention while also protecting structures nearby.

How is Pricing Determined?

We provide customized quotes based on tree size, height, access challenges, complexity of branch removal, equipment needs, volume of debris, and other factors unique to your job. Discounts may apply for multiple trees. Call now for pricing.

Do You Provide Estimates?

Yes! Tree Service provides free estimates for all services including emergency pruning. Once we inspect your trees, we can give you an accurate quote for necessary trimming before starting any work.

Is Emergency Pruning Covered by Insurance?

It depends. Many homeowner’s policies provide limited coverage for storm-related tree damage. Contact your insurance provider to ask about filing a claim for costs related to removing broken tree limbs due to winds, ice, heavy snow, or other documented conditions.

Do I Need My Trees Assessed for Structural Damage?

If a tree endured damage from winds, storms, or heavy snow, a thorough inspection by our ISA Certified Arborists is recommended.

We determine what pruning or cabling may be necessary to secure weak unions and stabilize any portions with structural defects prone to future failure.

How Can I Prevent Emergency Situations in the Future?

Consistent pruning, inspections, mulching, watering, and fertilization by our experts can all strengthen trees and minimize risk factors contributing to decline. Cabling offers supplemental support. Removing dead trees also prevents future hazards.

Should I Just Cut Down My Whole Tree?

Removal should only be considered if the tree poses an unmanageable safety risk even after corrective pruning or is completely dead from insects, disease, or internal structural defects unseen.

A certified arborist can best determine when existing risks or management needs outweigh the benefits of retaining the tree.

Will My Tree Recover After Losing Large Limbs?

With proper emergency pruning and follow-up care, yes – many trees can seal wounds, strengthen remaining branches, and rebuild protective chemical defenses over time.

Schedule an evaluation with us after 6 months to track progress. Ongoing maintenance may further support recovery.

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I called them about a large fallen tree branch that was blocking my driveway after a storm. They came out promptly and removed it efficiently. Great responsive service.
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We hired them to remove two old pecan trees in our backyard. Their bid was very reasonable and they took the trees down safely. I really appreciated their attention to detail.
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