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Do you service residential and commercial properties?

Absolutely! We provide tree care including trimming, pruning, removals, stump grinding, and more for both homes and businesses across Livonia. Our team has the experience and equipment to handle jobs both large and small.

How soon can you come out for an estimate?

We can usually schedule free estimates within 2-3 days. Just give us a call or request a quote online and we’ll get back to you ASAP to set up a convenient time. Getting an accurate estimate helps you budget for any tree work needed.

What’s your pricing like compared to other tree services?

As a local company based right here in Livonia, our overhead costs are low so we can provide very competitive pricing. We offer flat-rate estimates too, so there are no surprise charges. Our goal is to keep trees healthy and homes safe, not high profits.

Do you have certified arborists on staff?

Yes! Our team includes ISA Certified Arborists who have extensive technical training and knowledge. They can properly assess your trees, diagnose any diseases or damage issues, and recommend appropriate treatment plans. You can trust our expert care.

Will your equipment damage my lawn?

We take great care to protect your property during service. We use tree debris mats and plywood to disperse weight from our trucks and lifts. By keeping heavy machinery on hard surfaces rather than lawn areas, damage is minimized. We’ll even rake and gather debris when done!

Are you insured?

We carry $1 million in liability insurance, in addition to worker’s compensation. Certificates of insurance are provided upon request for your protection. We also back our work with guarantees to assure your satisfaction.

Can I get a discount for multiple tree removals?

Absolutely! We offer tiered project discounts, often 10% or more for larger endeavors involving multiple trees. This saves homeowners money compared to scheduling and paying for numerous individual jobs. Bundle services together and save.

Do you offer tree pruning as well as removal?

Pruning is one of our core services. Our ISA Certified Arborists can determine what selective branch removal is needed to improve tree health, eliminate dangers, prevent future issues, and encourage aesthetic shape or fruit production without harming the tree.

How do you dispose of tree debris?

We are a fully licensed and insured tree company, allowing us to utilize local facilities to chip, compost, and responsibly dispose of tree waste. We handle loading, transporting and unloading debris as part of a complete tree care package. No debris left behind!

What types of trees do you have expertise with?

Our well-rounded team has experience with a wide range of tree species in this region—from majestic oaks and maples to ornamental cherries and crabapples. If it has branches and leaves, we can assess and care for it. Call us!

Why shouldn’t I do the tree work myself?

Improper techniques by non-professionals often worsen issues and can severely damage trees. Plus there are serious dangers with working at heights near electrical lines or on unstable trees. For reliable service without injuries or headaches, turn to the experts!

Do I need a permit for you to work on my trees?

In many cases, city permits are not required for tree maintenance. However, for removals or work along right-of-ways, permits may be needed. We submit all proper documentation to local offices when necessary before work begins so you don’t have to worry.

What will happen to my grass/landscaping?

We take extra care to minimize harm to lawns, gardens, and landscaping during service. Trunk protection mats, plywood, and lift pads are used to disperse weight. Some minor sod disruption may occur but we ensure your property is restored as close as possible to its original state when finished.

Can I schedule an emergency removal late at night?

For true tree emergencies that pose an immediate threat to people or property, we have crews available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Storm damage often requires after-hours response too. Please call our office anytime if safety is a concern.

Are job site cleanups included?

Yes! As part of the full-service tree care experience, we handle branch hauling, debris removal, site cleanup, and basic raking/sweeping prior to leaving your property. We want to minimize headaches or hassles post-job.

Can I get just a stump ground without tree removal?

Absolutely! We provide standalone stump grinding services to erase remnants after any previous tree cutting. This restores more usable space to your landscape. Simply point us to the stump and we can quote this separately from other tree work if needed.

Do you offer deep-root fertilization?

We certainly do! Our arborists know that nurturing roots is key for complete plant health. Fertilization, soil amendments, mycorrhizae fungi, and other treatments promote growth below ground. Ask us how this can augment trimming, disease prevention, and more!

How can I pay for tree service?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards for your convenience. Financing options are also available through our partners to help budget costs.

Plus we are approved to accept insurance claims payments for storm damage, preventing out-of-pocket costs to you. Let’s discuss what works best!

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  • Take I-94 W from Detroit for 20 miles. Exit at Merriman Rd, turn right. Go 3 miles north to Schoolcraft Rd. Turn left, drive 2 miles to Livonia.
  • From downtown Detroit, take Lodge Fwy NW 10 miles to I-96 W. Drive 15 miles, exit at Inkster Rd. Turn left, go 5 miles north to Schoolcraft Rd. Turn right, follow 3 miles into Livonia.
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They did an excellent job trimming my tall oak tree that had become overgrown near the power lines. The crew was professional and cleaned up completely afterwards. I would highly recommend their services.
carol A.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I called them about a large fallen tree branch that was blocking my driveway after a storm. They came out promptly and removed it efficiently. Great responsive service.
Allen M.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We hired them to remove two old pecan trees in our backyard. Their bid was very reasonable and they took the trees down safely. I really appreciated their attention to detail.
Scott Handy