Livonia, Michigan Roadways

Welcome to Livonia, Michigan! Known as one of the most livable suburbs in metro Detroit, Livonia features well-maintained roads that connect residents across the city.

In this local’s guide, we’ll explore the history, layout, ongoing projects, and more regarding Livonia’s vast network of roadways.

A Brief History

Livonia was incorporated as a city in 1950. Prior to that it consisted of multiple smaller communities focused around farms, mills, mines, and the railroad.

One of the first major roads was Plymouth Road which ran east-west through the area as part of an old Native American trail. Other early roads connected the various townships and allowed transportation via horse and buggy.

As the automobile became popular in the early 1900s, Wayne County began paving roads with concrete and asphalt to accommodate cars.

When Livonia township merged into a city, there was an effort to simplify and consolidate the web of existing roads. This involved widening, repaving, and creating a more orderly grid system.

Major Roads and Highways

Today, Livonia features over 850 miles of roadways ranging from multi-lane highways to residential streets. Here are some of the most prominent roads and what you can expect when driving them:

I-96/Jeffries Freeway

  • Part of the highway system encircling metro Detroit
  • Runs northwest/southeast through Livonia
  • Multi-lane with speeds up to 70 mph
  • Lots of semi-truck traffic
  • Main exits at Newburgh, Levan, and Farmington


  • Outer beltway around Detroit metro region
  • Runs north/south along western edge of Livonia
  • Multi-lane with speeds up to 70 mph
  • Primary route to reach western Wayne County suburbs


  • State highway on eastern edge of Livonia
  • Runs northeast towards Ann Arbor
  • Mostly 65-70 mph traffic flow
  • Main exits at Levan, Five Mile, and Schoolcraft

Schoolcraft Road

  • Major east-west route across the middle of the city
  • Spans from Middlebelt to M-14
  • Mix of residential and commercial establishments
  • Speed limit 45-55 mph

Plymouth Road

  • One of the oldest roads in Livonia
  • Runs east-west through the central part of the city
  • Home to mostly shops and restaurants
  • Prone to congestion during rush hour

Middlebelt Road

  • Northern border of Livonia with Farmington Hills
  • Also one of the area’s oldest roads
  • 45-50 mph speeds -Busy commercial corridor

7 Mile Road

  • Main artery along southern Livonia
  • Business parks and some housing
  • East-west route across metro Detroit
  • Consistent 50 mph flow

Grid Layout and Numbered Streets

Livonia features an orderly grid network in most neighborhoods. Numbered streets run east-west while roads like Plymouth, Schoolcraft, 5 Mile etc. run north-south across the city.

The major east-west routes are named “Mile roads” because they are located at one mile intervals. For instance, 7 Mile Road is seven miles north of the baseline row starting point used by surveyors.

This makes it easy for navigating around Livonia. The city also has many numbered side streets running between the mile roads such as Ann Arbor Trail, Joy Road, Hubbard Street etc.

Ongoing Projects

To keep pace with commercial development and population growth, Livonia continuously has roadway projects underway. Some current and upcoming initiatives include:

Schoolcraft Road Expansion

  • Widening to 6 lanes from Levan to Merriman
  • Improved traffic flow at congestion points
  • Pedestrian bridges, sidewalks, and landscaping
  • Completion in late 2024

Newburgh Road Revitalization

  • Resurfacing and pedestrian upgrades
  • Traffic light modernization
  • Between 5 Mile and Schoolcraft
  • Finish by mid-2025

Lidar Mapping Initiative

  • High resolution analysis of all roadways
  • Identify areas needing repair
  • Part of asset management program
  • Will prioritize projects for next 5 years

Traffic and Commuting

Livonia’s location in metro Detroit provides easy access to freeways. Many residents commute downtown or to Ann Arbor. Typical traffic patterns include:

Morning Rush Hour

  • Plymount Road, Schoolcraft, Middlebelt see more congestion
  • Delays common at freeway interchanges
  • Allow 10-15 extra mins if commuting before 9 am

Evening Rush Hour

  • Peak times between 4:30 – 6 pm
  • Most congestion along Jeffries Freeway and Schoolcraft
  • Try to avoid Haggerty between 5 Mile and 6 Mile


  • Smooth flowing traffic on most roads
  • Shoppers will crowd Plymouth Road on Saturdays
  • Sunday afternoons heavier around Laurel Park Place mall

Driving Safety Tips

Livonia has relatively safe roads compared to statewide averages. However, staying alert and proactive can help prevent the most common accident causes:

  • Watch speed limits closely along Schoolcraft and Jeffries Freeway where limits drop quickly
  • Avoid distractions and give full attention to driving
  • Brake early if traffic is stopping, don’t assume cars ahead will keep moving
  • Keep safe distance from other vehicles
  • Be extra cautious at intersections missing traffic lights
  • Be aware of deer dashes, especially at night by Hines Park

Emergency Road Services

Hopefully you won’t need to use them, but Livonia does have emergency assistance services available:

Tow trucks

Several companies offer prompt 24/7 towing – expect $50+ fee for a standard roadside tow.

Pothole repairs

Use the Livonia Connect app or call the Public Works department to report potholes for prompt patching.

Crash assistance

If involved in a crash, move vehicles to shoulder if possible and call 911 to receive police/EMS support.

Snow plowing

Major roads are cleared first after heavy snow with neighborhoods tackled next. Check the city website for the latest snow removal status.

Power outage impacts

If traffic lights are out, treat intersections as 4-way stops. Avoid non-essential driving if possible till power returns.


We hope this overview gives you a sense of how to best utilize Livonia’s far-reaching road system.

Whether commuting to work or navigating across town, keep these tips and traffic patterns in mind for smooth travels! Let us know if you have any other local driving questions.

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  • Take I-94 W from Detroit for 20 miles. Exit at Merriman Rd, turn right. Go 3 miles north to Schoolcraft Rd. Turn left, drive 2 miles to Livonia.
  • From downtown Detroit, take Lodge Fwy NW 10 miles to I-96 W. Drive 15 miles, exit at Inkster Rd. Turn left, go 5 miles north to Schoolcraft Rd. Turn right, follow 3 miles into Livonia.
  • From Detroit, go west on Michigan Ave 8 miles. Turn right on Greenfield Rd, go 12 miles north to Schoolcraft Rd. Make a left, drive 3 miles west to reach Livonia.