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A healthy tree needs nutrients just like any other plant. Fertilizing your trees provides vital nutrients to help them thrive.

Our expert arborists can help determine if your trees need fertilization and provide the right nutrients at the right time of year.

Proper tree fertilization enhances the health and beauty of your landscape trees. It stimulates new growth, increases stress tolerance, and protects against disease and pests.

Our Expert Tree Care Services customized tree fertilization treatments promote lush green foliage, vigorous limbs, and strong root systems.

At our tree care company, we take tree fertilization seriously. We go beyond simply spreading granular fertilizer at the base of the tree.

Our arborists inspect each tree and soil condition to recommend the ideal fertilizers and application methods.

We aim to maximize nutrient uptake while avoiding waste and environmental impact.

With our tree fertilization service, you can expect:

  • Thorough inspection and assessment of your trees’ needs
  • Recommendations for optimal fertilizers and treatments
  • Environmentally responsible products and application
  • Enhanced beauty, health, and longevity of your trees
  • Improved resistance to pests, diseases, drought, and other stresses
  • Increased property value through vibrant landscaping

Rejuvenate your landscape with a customized tree fertilization program.

Our arborists have the expertise to determine your trees’ nutritional requirements and deliver solutions. Contact us today for fertilization services that help your trees thrive!

Process We Follow for Fertilization

Inspection and Analysis

The first step in our tree fertilization process is a thorough inspection and analysis of your trees and site conditions.

We check for signs of nutrient deficiencies, take soil samples, evaluate drainage, and consider the species and ages of your trees. This allows us to determine which nutrients are lacking and recommend the best fertilization program.

Selecting the Right Fertilizer

No two trees are alike when it comes to nutritional needs. Our arborists will select the ideal fertilizers based on the tree species, time of year, soil conditions, and other factors.

We carry a range of premium granular and liquid fertilizer products to customize for your trees. This ensures the right nutrients are delivered efficiently.

Timing the Application

Proper timing is key for fertilizer effectiveness and uptake. Our experts know the optimal times to fertilize based on the tree type, climate, and season.

We avoid applying fertilizer during heat waves, droughts, or freezing weather when the nutrients won’t be utilized. Timed right, the trees will get the full benefits of fertilization.

Environmentally Responsible Application

At our company, we fertilize trees in an eco-friendly manner. We calibrate equipment to avoid waste and runoff into waterways.

Our arborists are trained in responsible distribution methods and products. You can trust we will enhance your trees without harming the environment.

Follow-Up Care

We don’t just fertilize and leave. Our arborists will monitor your trees and soil to adjust the treatments as needed. We want the best results from your fertilization program. Ongoing maintenance helps your trees thrive for years to come.

Safety is Paramount

In all our tree work, safety comes first. Our fertilization technicians use proper gear and caution around utility lines. We keep your property protected as we revitalize your trees. You can relax knowing we foster health and beauty safely.

Trust our arborists to determine your trees’ nutritional needs and deliver custom fertilizer solutions. With the right fertilization at the right times, your trees will flourish with vibrant beauty. Contact us to get started!

Cost of Fertilization in Livonia, MI

The cost of tree fertilization depends on several factors:

  • Size of the tree – Larger trees require more fertilizer
  • Number of trees being fertilized – Pricing is often based on tree
  • Type of fertilizer used – Premium or organic blends cost more
  • Application method – Injection or spikes generally cost more than broadcasting
  • Frequency of fertilization – Ongoing programs are priced lower per application

Our arborists will provide a free estimate tailored to your specific trees and needs. Expect to invest around $50 to $150 per mature tree on average. We offer package discounts for fertilizing multiple trees on one property.

The price reflects our premium fertilizers, specialized application equipment, and expertise. Proper tree fertilization pays off with healthier, more vibrant trees that enhance your property value. It’s an affordable investment that yields beautiful results.

Contact our team today to learn more about fertilization costs. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide estimates for revitalizing your landscape trees.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Livonia, Michigan

Great Reasons to Choose Us

Quality Services

Our team of ISA Certified Arborists and tree care professionals use industry best practices and advanced techniques to ensure safe, high-quality services.

Licensed & Insured

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. You can have peace of mind knowing we’re professionals.


We work around your schedule to find a convenient time to provide tree service. Whether weekday or weekend, we’ll make it work for you.

Free Consultations

We provide free estimates and consultations. This allows us to assess your trees’ needs and provide upfront pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. We won’t be satisfied until you are.

Affordable Pricing

Our fair pricing structure ensures you get professional service at a competitive rate. Quality tree care doesn’t have to break the bank.

FAQs About Fertilization in Livonia, Michigan

When is the best time to fertilize trees?

The optimal fertilization windows are early spring before bud break and late fall after leaves drop when roots actively absorb nutrients. Avoid summer heat, drought, or freezing temperatures when fertilizer will not be utilized well. Instead fertilize during dormancy for best uptake.

How often should I fertilize my trees?

Most trees benefit from fertilization every 1-3 years, though higher-need trees with faster growth rates may require annual treatments.

Our certified arborists inspect each tree and recommend a custom fertilization schedule based on the species, soil, age, and other specific needs of the tree.

What type of fertilizer is best?

We carry a range of premium granular and liquid tree fertilizers with balanced blends ideal for different species. Slow-release organic options made from natural plant and animal materials are also available. Our experts will determine the right fertilizer products per tree.

How do you apply the fertilizer to trees?

Application methods we use include broadcasting granules around the root zone, liquid soil drenching, trunk injections, or fertilizer spike impregnation in the root area. Our team selects the most effective technique per tree for ideal nutrient absorption.

How soon will I see results after fertilizing my trees?

You should begin to notice greener, fuller foliage, improved branch growth, and increased vigor within a few weeks after application. However, the best and longest-lasting results come from consecutive yearly fertilizer treatments.

Can fertilizing damage or burn my trees?

When done properly by certified arborists, fertilization is extremely beneficial and enhances tree health. However improper products, excessive amounts, or sloppy application can potentially burn roots and foliage. Our experts know how to fertilize trees safely.

Is spring or fall better for tree fertilization?

Spring and fall both have benefits – spring fuels growth while fall strengthens roots before dormancy. Our arborists look at each tree’s needs and climate to advise the ideal fertilization season.

Do all trees need to be fertilized?

Many but not all trees can benefit from occasional fertilization. Some species thrive without it, as do trees with ideal soil conditions or that fix their own nitrogen. Our experts inspect and determine each tree’s nutritional needs.

Are there organic fertilizer options?

Yes, we offer both granular and liquid organic tree fertilizers derived from natural plant and animal materials. These provide nutrients without chemicals.

Will fertilizing help my sick or distressed tree recover?

While fertilizer alone cannot cure disease, improved nutrition and vigor do support trees in fighting off infection and recovering from distress. Our experts know when fertilization may aid recovery.

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