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Root Collar Excavation Services Near Livonia, MI

If the trees on your property are showing signs of decline such as thinning foliage, dead branches, or slowed growth, root collar excavation may be necessary to restore their health.

At Tree Service Livonia, our certified arborists have the skills and experience to properly excavate and expose the root collar of your trees for inspection and treatment.

The root collar is the transitional area between the trunk and the roots. When the root collar is buried under soil, mulch, or turf, it can lead to a condition called stem girdling roots.

Stem girdling roots wrap around the base of the trunk and strangle the vascular tissue that transports water and nutrients. This causes decline, dieback, and potential death of the tree.

Root collar excavation removes the excess soil and obstructions around the root collar to promote newly emerging root growth.

Proper root collar excavation involves much more than just digging around the base of the tree. Free Quote!

Our arborists will evaluate the location, tree species, age, and overall health to determine the best approach.

We take care to avoid damaging protected roots near the root collar area that provide critical support for the tree.

Once excavated, we inspect the root collar for signs of rot, canker, pest damage, and girdling roots.

Based on the inspection, we’ll recommend additional treatments to get your trees thriving again.

By exposing the root collar and improving growing conditions, our root collar excavation services can extend the lifespan of mature trees on your property.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – if your trees are showing early signs of decline, call us today to schedule an evaluation with our certified arborists.

We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Livonia and the surrounding metro Detroit region.

Process We Follow for Root Collar Excavation

At Tree Service Livonia, we follow a careful process to safely excavate and inspect the root collar of your trees. Here is an overview of what you can expect when you hire us for root collar excavation services:

Initial Tree Evaluation

  • Our ISA-certified arborists will thoroughly assess the trees showing signs of decline. We evaluate the species, age, location, canopy density, and other factors.
  • We check for visible signs of root issues like cracked soil, raised turf around the trunk, and poor vigor.
  • Tools like a seismograph are used to detect possible stem girdling roots below ground.
  • The evaluation informs our approach to minimize harm to the tree during excavation.

Planning the Excavation

  • We identify the appropriate size and depth of the excavation needed to properly expose the root collar.
  • The excavation area is marked to avoid damaging critical support roots.
  • Any turf, mulch, or soil deposits above the root collar are carefully cleared away by hand.
  • Appropriate equipment is selected based on the tree species and excavation area parameters.

Excavating the Root Collar

  • Using compressed air, water, and specialized tools, we slowly and carefully begin removing soil around the root collar.
  • Excavation continues until the root collar tissue is fully exposed. We excavate 2-4 inches below the start of the buttress roots.
  • Care is taken to avoid nicking, gouging, or breaking any roots near the excavation area.
  • Any girdling roots detected are exposed and removed by making clean cuts back to the larger lateral roots.

Root Collar Inspection and Diagnosis

  • With the root collar exposed, our arborists thoroughly inspect it for signs of damage, decay, or disease.
  • The presence of stem girdling roots, cankers, and other pathogens is diagnosed and noted.
  • Depending on the tree species, we may collect root collar tissue samples for lab analysis.
  • The inspection findings help us recommend corrective treatments to restore tree health.

Corrective Treatments

  • For girdling roots, we sever the problem roots at their narrowest points and excavate them back to the larger roots.
  • Fungicides or bactericides may be applied to canker lesions depending on the lab diagnosis.
  • Compost, biochar, or other beneficial amendments are incorporated back into the excavation area before replacing the soil.
  • Drainage improvements, aeration, or root invigoration may also be recommended as part of the corrective treatment plan.

Backfilling and Finishing Touches

  • New clean topsoil is brought in and compacted in layers around the exposed roots with care to eliminate air pockets.
  • The backfilled soil is topped with an organic mulch layer to retain moisture and discourage weeds.
  • Grapevine trunk protection is installed around the exposed root collar to avoid damage from mowers and string trimmers.
  • The restored excavation area will be monitored over the following weeks to ensure the tree is recovering well.

When performed correctly by trained professionals like our team at Tree Service Livonia, root collar excavation can add decades of healthy life to struggling mature trees.

We take the time to properly diagnose and treat root collar issues, giving your trees their best chance at recovery.

Cost of Root Collar Excavation in Livonia, MI

The cost of root collar excavation depends on several factors:

  • Tree size – Larger excavation areas around bigger trees cost more.
  • Site access – Difficult terrain or limited access may increase costs.
  • Number of trees – We offer discounts for multi-tree excavation projects.
  • Corrective treatments – Added fungicide, drainage work, etc increases the price.
  • Emergency service – Urgent same-day excavation costs more than scheduled projects.

Most of our residential root collar excavation jobs range from $400 – $1000 per tree. Very large, complex excavations may cost over $1000. Commercial property jobs with multiple trees often cost $250 – $600 per tree.

We provide free estimates for all projects and explain the full pricing details. There are no hidden fees. Our prices are competitive locally and aimed at making critical tree care affordable.

Financing options such as 6 months same as cash are available for larger jobs. We also accept all major credit cards.

Call us and describe your situation. We will schedule a site visit and provide a fair, detailed price quote for root collar excavation. Get your estimates from us before requesting bids from other tree services.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Livonia, Michigan

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FAQs About Root Collar Excavation in Livonia, Michigan

What signs indicate the need for root collar excavation?

Thinning tree canopy slowed growth, dead branches, leaf discoloration, and raised soil or cracked pavement around the trunk all can indicate a buried root collar in need of excavation. The inspection lets arborists diagnose and treat hidden issues.

Is the excavation harmful to my tree?

When performed carefully by trained arborists, root collar excavation causes minimal harm to trees while providing the long-term benefits of exposing and treating hidden root problems. The proper technique preserves critical roots.

How long does the excavation and inspection take per tree?

For a typical residential tree, the excavation takes 2-4 hours and the inspection 30-60 minutes. The process may occur over multiple visits depending on the tree size, site access, and other factors requiring staged work. Larger trees take longer.

What tools do you use to excavate the root collars?

We use high-pressure water, compressed air, soil augers, root collars, air spades, and other specialized tools to carefully expose root collars with precision while avoiding damage to surrounding roots and soil structure.

Do you have to remove the entire tree to do this?

No, we excavate only the soil around the tree’s base to expose the root collar for inspection and treatment. The tree remains intact, and the excavated soil is backfilled after remediation.

How can I help my tree recover after root collar excavation?

Follow care recommendations like proper watering, fertilization, and pruning. Avoid compacting soil near the tree. Installing bubbler irrigation promotes recovery. Mulch and trunk protectors also help.

Are there any guarantees that excavation will save my declining tree?

There are no guarantees in tree care, but proper excavation gives struggling trees the best chance to recover and thrive for years vs. continuing decline. The prognosis depends on the tree’s condition.

How soon after excavation will I see improvement in my tree?

Gradual improvement should become noticeable over months as new unobstructed roots expand. Next season’s foliage and growth should be markedly better if the tree is recovering well.

Can you inspect and excavate the root collars of my trees as a preventative measure?

Yes, we offer preventative inspection and excavation to uncover potential hidden issues early before major decline occurs. This proactive care often adds decades of healthy life.

Will my tree’s roots be damaged during the excavation process?

Our arborists take extreme care to preserve critical anchoring and support roots during excavation. Any affected roots are carefully pruned and treated. Root damage is minimized.

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