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Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal Near Livonia, MI

Removing a dangerous, dying, or difficult tree on your property can be an intimidating and stressful situation.

As the tree poses a safety risk to your home or family, you need an expert team you can trust to handle the job safely and effectively.

Our highly trained and equipped team has over 10 years’ experience with safe difficult tree removal in Livonia and surrounding areas.

We understand how unsettling a deteriorating tree can be, and we’re here to guide you through the removal process with compassion.

Unlike some basic tree removal services, our Livonia tree service company team specializes in taking down trees in complicated, confined, or otherwise challenging spaces.

We have all the tools and training needed to dismantle large, leaning, or otherwise dangerous trees branch-by-branch to prevent damage.

We know that no two dangerous tree removals are alike. After an on-site assessment of your tree, we will talk you through the safest removal plan for your unique situation.

We’ll also walk the property with you after finishing to ensure you’re fully satisfied.

Process We Follow for Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal

When removing dangerous or difficult trees, we follow a strategic process focused on safety. Here’s what you can expect:

Hazard Evaluation

The first step in any dangerous tree removal is thoroughly evaluating potential hazards. Our ISA Certified Arborists will inspect:

  • Tree height, thickness, and estimated weight
  • The tree’s proximity to structures, vehicles, power lines, etc.
  • The tree’s current lean and condition (rotting, cracked, etc.)
  • Obstacles like fences or other trees complicate removal

We’ll also discuss risks like power outages, road closures, and property damage so you know what to expect.

Custom Removal Plan

With a complete understanding of the tree and site hazards, we devise a strategic branch-by-branch removal plan. This will outline:

  • Equipment needed based on tree size and risks (crane, climbers, cherry picker, etc.)
  • Which branches come down first, second, and third to control the fall
  • Handling limbs over houses, sheds, power lines, or other risks
  • When utility companies must disable power lines
  • Traffic control and road closure needs if relevant
  • How weather factors like wind and rain influence the process

We’ll walk through the plan together so you understand what to expect and can give feedback. As circumstances change, we alter the plan to protect safety.

Set Up Protection Measures

Before starting the physical removal, our team sets up key protection measures:

  • Traffic Control: If needed, we’ll organize road closure permits and set out cones, barricades, detour signs, etc. This prevents passersby from being harmed by falling debris.
  • Property Protection: We carefully cover or temporarily remove anything under the tree’s fall zone that could be damaged, like landscape features, vehicles, gardens, play equipment, etc.
  • Personnel Safety Gear: Our climbers don heavy protective equipment like helmets, visors, chainsaw chaps, steel-toe boots, and other gear to prevent injury. We also establish communication systems to coordinate their activities up in the trees.

Systematic Branch Removal

With safety measures in place, we methodically dismantle the tree branch-by-branch via:

  • Rope and Rigging: We securely anchor large limbs with ropes and pulleys to control their descent to the ground. This prevents them from wildly snapping off and causing damage where they land.
  • Cutting: Using chainsaws and other gear, our arborists strategically cut branches and segments of the tree trunk based on the removal plan.
  • Debris Cleanup: As we work, our ground crew clears the fallen branches and debris so work can continue smoothly and safely.

We carefully lower cut limbs rather than letting them free fall to avoid unintended damage. We may also use equipment like cranes or bucket trucks to access high, dangerous branches.

Stump Grinding and Site Restoration

Once the tree is fully dismantled branch by branch, we use stump grinding equipment to remove the remaining stump and roots from the earth. This involves:

  • Correctly exposing the base of the stump and critical roots
  • Using a specialized power grinder to chip away the stump/roots
  • Screening and properly disposing of the leftover wood chips
  • Backfilling the hole with fresh soil

Removing the entire stump prevents future decay and eliminates tripping hazards.

Finally, we’ll neatly restore disturbance to your property from the removal by actions like:

  • Rolling back turf and flattening it after heavy equipment operation
  • Rebuilding damaged planter beds or fences
  • Replacing damaged irrigation lines or decorative features
  • Reinstalling items like playsets we temporarily relocated
  • Sweeping remaining wood chips, sawdust, and debris

We leave properties looking better than when we arrived! Let us know of any other restoration needs relevant to your site.

Cost of Commercial Fencing in Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal in Livonia, MI

Removing a large, hazardous tree requires extensive equipment, personnel, permit fees, and prep/restoration work compared to basic tree cutting. As such, costs are higher than simpler removals.

You can expect pricing starting around $3,000 based on factors like:

  • Tree height, trunk width, and total estimated weight
  • Tree lean and potential strike points if collapsed
  • Removal obstacles adding time/equipment needs
  • Site restoration work needed after removal

We provide free estimates after assessing your specific tree, so pricing is custom to your situation. There are no hidden fees or vague “as needed” charges added later. We’ll review costs together so you pay only what you expect.

Although expensive, removing dangerous trees is critical to protect what’s priceless, the safety and security of your family and home.

We help countless homeowners make this wise investment each year, and financing plans are available.

Examples of Our Tree Service Projects in Livonia, Michigan

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FAQs About Dangerous or Difficult Tree Removal in Livonia, Michigan

Is it cheaper to remove the tree in pieces vs. felling it whole?

Yes, dismantling these trees branch-by-branch is much safer and does less site damage but takes more time. So, costs are higher than basic tree felling. But the method prevents uncontrolled falling trees from crushing properties!

How do I know if my tree truly needs removal?

Warning signs justifying removal include extensive cracking/peeling bark, major leaning, fungi growth, and large dead branches. Especially if it poses a safety risk to your home. Checking a few factors helps assess, but an ISA arborist makes the final call.

Who’s responsible for permits and road closure notices?

Don’t worry about the paperwork! We submit all relevant permit applications and organize needed road closures on the homeowner’s behalf. We know who to coordinate this with locally.

What if the weather alters the removal plan?

Crew safety is a priority, so we may postpone work in severe storms. Otherwise, we amend plans if high winds or wet ground require it, taking extra precautions. We keep homeowners informed of weather-related changes.

How do I know if power lines require temporary shut-offs?

Only certified utility arborists associated with your electrical company can assess the need to temporarily disable power lines during removal near them. We bring these professionals onsite and they decide what’s needed.

What if falling debris damages my property despite precautions?

First priority is safety! But we take every care to prevent property damage including strapping items down, using drop cloths/barricades, and cleaning the site thoroughly after. We discuss liability for unlikely damage upfront.

Can you match another company’s lower quote?

Rarely – It’s extremely dangerous handling hazardous tree removals on the cheap. Our prices reflect immense safety investments to protect crews and homes. If a quote seems impossibly low, safety may be compromised.

How long does dangerous tree removal take from start to finish?

Most projects take 1-3 days depending on tree size, site complexity, weather delays, etc. We may do prep work days before the removal. For mammoth trees with tons of precautions,

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